Mauritian dance mix looking for a haven

Jean Renat Anamah is a dancer based in Mauritius. Dance is a powerful language of identity in an island where Asian, European and African cultures collide. Ahamah’s dance includes elements of the creole Sega, Indian classical and even tango.

Jean Renat Anamah dance companyBut this mixing of genres makes it difficult for Ahamah’s dance to find a place in Mauritius. There is official support for Indian and French culture in particular, but not so much for their combinations. Like many Mauritians who fall between the gaps, Ahamah has been active in creating spaces for new forms to emerge. He established his own dance company that recently performed "Feu De Paille”.

But they need support to keep going. As Ahamah writes to me, ‘We are in "Urgent" need to move on professional stages, as we are in danger to collapse and faint if we stuck in an inappropriate situation.’ Please leave a comment if you’re interested in making a connection for this dance group.

4 thoughts on “Mauritian dance mix looking for a haven”

  1. Anamah’s choreography is indeed the only one of its kind in Mauritius. Compelling mixture of Mauritian heritage and contemporary trends, his unique genre also has the merit of ‘commenting’ on human drama. All his choreography is meant to provoke reflection, often revealing hidden and often unspeakable truths. He always seeks to surprise his audience with creative combinations of dance and backdrops. A powerful dancer and choreographer performing with his soul, he is also a wonderful teacher, pushing his students to dig deeper within themselves, to search for perfection, be it in technique, stage presence or expressing their individuality. He deserves support from the Ministry of Arts and Culture to allow his explorations to go further because he is the illustration of a true style of Mauritian contemporary dance; he deserves recognition for the work he has achieved in the form of sponsoring to allow him to perform in front of audiences who can grasp and appreciate the beauty of his creations.

  2. I`ve known Jean-Renat Anamah since i was 13 years old, He has worked very hard to be at the level that he is at today, He is unique , passionate about his work .
    The dance is his life , the air he breathes. I deeply beleive that he deserves to be recognised and appreciated for his talent and the message he conveys through his dance.

  3. Jean-Renat Anamah was my teacher 15 years ago. He is an experienced and very motivated dancer. Dancing is his life and a way to express himself. He has always faced intensive competition but has always come out successful cause he is the most talented. His creation is original . He deserves to be recognised and continue what he is doing.

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