Thabo Mbeki’s resignation

{{pt|O presidente da África do Sul Thabo Mbeki.On 21 September, the South African President Thabo Mbeki addressed the nation with the news of his resignation. In a well-discipline speech, he maintained his loyalty as a cadre of the movement and promoted the values of the ANC.

Mbeki spoke of the ‘age-old values of Ubuntu‘ on which their liberation movement is based. These values involved ‘selflessness, sacrifice and service in a manner that ensures that the interests of the people take precedence over our desires as individuals.’

Near the conclusion of his speech, Mbeki said that he departed his office:

knowing that this country has many men and women who have dedicated their lives to ensure that South Africa, Africa and the countries of the South will, in time, manage to ensure a better world for all of humanity.

South Africa strongly identifies with the South as a focus for both its political values and its unique contribution to the world. The next President has the challenge of continuing this story in a world where the division between North and South becomes less clear.

2 thoughts on “Thabo Mbeki’s resignation”

  1. I think this is a kind of leadership we need in Africa. We need people that put the country’s interests above their personal ambitions, etc.

    I really pray that the next elected South African president can help the Southern Africa region improving the long time ongoing process on the regional integration in order to improve lives of African living in this region ….


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